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Student Resources

The New York City Department of Education

William H. Maxwell Career and Technical Education High School

Mr.Jocelyn Badette, Principal


145 Pennsylvania Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11207

(718) 345-9100

Fax (718) 345-5470


Please note that all students have a Skedula account. Your teachers will be communicating through Skedula and/or Google Classroom. If you do not have your Skedula password, email me at and I will respond with your invitation letter.

Google Classrooms

Your teachers have all established Google Classrooms for all of your subjects. By this time, you probably have all been invited to join the class. Invitations were sent out to your whmaxwell email and/or Skedula. If you do not have your whmaxwell email – you can also email me at If you need your whmaxwell email to be reset, you can email Mr. Bastien at

Teachers’ emails

If you need to email any staff member at Maxwell, the staff directory complete with email addresses can be located at the school’s website at our Facebook page at

Technical Support

All equipment received today has been unlocked for you to be able to find your WIFI network at home. Should you run into any technical problems, please email Maxwell’s tech (please put in the subject – Tech support help). Emails before 8pm each night will be answered promptly. Emails after 8pm will be answer the following day.

Maxwell Staff hopes that you and your families are safe during these trying times.

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