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SLT Meeting 9/28/21

School leadership Team meeting

Sep 28, 2021


School Leadership Team Meeting

Date: 9/28/2021

Time: 3:30p-6:30p

Attendees: Estelle Lilly, Antoinette Martin, Meldryn Ortiz, Karen Scott, Jocelyn Badette, Wanda Stukes, Frantz Etienne, Heather Farquharson, Gina Scott, Albina Castillo, Linda Vales

Parents: Wanda Stukes (Jaylin Stukes Harris), Heather Farquharson (Jala Alexis), Frantz Etienne (Florence Etienne), Olga Forquer (Evgeney Tryalin), Shaniqua Small (Danaysia Davis)

Dr. Scott greeted everyone and welcomed for the first meeting of 2021-2022.

Mr. Badette thanks Dr. Scott for putting meeting together, thanks parents and staff for attending.

Mrs. Vales welcomes everyone to a successful new school year.

Dr. Martin welcomes everyone, is pleased to see new parents. Hopes we will be able to meet in person soon.

Dr. Martin presented the Agenda.

· Election for the year (SLT)

Ms. Castillo discusses College application process and financial aid.

Ms. Ortiz discusses title 3 enrichment program; ELL program for college; Appreciation scholarships.

SLT- Important team of school

· Established in 1986

· 5+ parents

· Meets once a month to make decisions about school

· CEP Educational Plan

· Collaborate with teacher and parents

· School level decisions needs to be addressed with SLT

· A chairperson is needed to head the SLT

· Any staff member may chair the meeting

SLT Elections

New nominations for SLT members are as follows: Estelle Lilly, Meldryn Ortiz, Gina Scott Antoinette Martin, Edmund Ludde, And Jocelyn Badette.

Core SLT Members – Jocelyn Badette (Principal), Edmund Ludde (UFT Chapter), Shaniqua Small (PTA President)

Mr. Badette will schedule his PAC meeting next month

Parent School Account

· Process has changed

· Gmail accounts

· Need to have another meeting to look into this change

Vaccine – Parents have students vaccinated; Get testing forms in.

Programming – Each student has a program

SAT Prep for seniors- Turn out was not great

Open SAT prep for juniors

AP exam student scored a 4

Encourage students in 11th and 12th grade to get tutoring in order to improve chances at a high score on SAT (Oct 28)

Mr. Badette and Dr. Scott thanks everyone for attending.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm.

Ms. Lilly made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Ms. Small seconded the motion.

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