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SLT Meeting 11/16/21.

SLT Meeting on November 16, 2021

Nov 16, 2021


Minutes for the SLT Meeting on November 16, 2021.

Attendance: Dr. Karen Scott, Parent Coordinator, Mr. J. Badette, Principal , Dr. Antoinette Martin, Assistant Principal and Chairperson,

Ms.Shaniqua Smalls, parent and PTA President, Jade Williams, Student, Ms. G. Scott, Parent, UFT Member, Estelle Lilly, UFT Member,

Dr. Scott, opened the meeting with Greetings to the parents and the staff. The C30 process for Dr. Martin was approved.

The CEP Goals are Maxwell High School’s continuous improvement planning goals, progress measures, and action plans for Maxwell was explained by Dr. Antoinette Martin, and Mr. J. Badette, Principal

CEP Goals:

(Section 5A CEP GOALS)

First Goal Attendance:

High School ELA. Trend 110-160 as measured by NYS ELA Regents 110 by 50 more 9th & 10th grade acceleration.

We reviewed area of concentration, (ELA). Page 11. Priority needs and Root Causes: The priority needs are: Students are reading below grade level: NYS Standardized Tests. Root Cause: Lack of Academic Support. 30% of IEP Students|City data

Root Causes: lack of academic Support|10% of ENL sife|city data| Root Causes| lack of academic support.

High School ELA SMART goal: After conducting a comprehensive needs assessment by analyzing the school data, surfacing priority needs and identifying root causes , develop at least one SMART goal for this AOC informed by the identified priority needs and required progress targets indicated in NYSED’s Potential ESSA Indicator Goal Sheet.

Page 13 of 58 (MATH GOALS)

1. Priority Need | 2. Data Trend(s) City Data Source & Year| 3. Root Cause(s)

1. Mathematic score is very low from state exam|2. Middle School state score results|lack of support academically. 1. 30% of IEP | 2. City data indicates low performance on state exams |3. Need more time to master Math skills|3.

Math SMART GOAL: By August 2022, the number of all students scoring 65 or better on the Math Regents will increase from 100-160, as measured by Mathematics formative and summative assessments and Regents.

Dr. Martin said that we have to support each of those goals and strategies to accomplish…

SEF supportive Empowerment Framework.

Physical and Mental Wellness…

Social Emotional aspect of every student in order to be successful academically.

We have to slow down on suspensions. Social Emotional support will decrease suspensions. Our students lack social skills and need tremendous improvements in this area.

Meeting with School Safety 189 weapons have been confiscated in NYC Public Schools since the pandemic.

According to the Police Department and on general school levels.

Scanning machines make schools safe.

There was mace brought in the building by a student. Dr. Martin said that the issue would be resolved and mace cannot be in the building no matter the issue.

We are encountering more student’s vaping and smoking weed in the building. School Safety and Administration are working on minimizing this problem.

We are tracking attendance to minimize chronic absenteeism. We are at 75% and we are pushing for 80% attendance by January, 2022.

Right now and because of the spikes during the Pandemic that still continue. We will not be held accountable monetarily because of our attendance register.

Unions fought for the above. This is a win/win situation all around…

IEP\SWD students with disabilities 36-38% address their needs.

11th &12th grade don’t need ICT Classes—Red Flags ICT Classes.

Ms. Lilly & Ms. Babich were able to clean up and make adjustments have to be made f they are in the 11th or 12 grade (ICT-Class) now.

Right now, we have an 82-87% graduation rate acceleration program. We ARE struggled to make 90% . We are trying to reach our goals by offering after school and Saturday regents prep classes.

1% of our students are on level one. 85% of our students are college and career ready.

We have to advocate for our students to get better then a 65 as a passing grade. We have to help them accelerate, look at their assessments, do over assignments and work on makeup assignments.


Co –timekeeper

2 meetings in the same day.

Dr. Martin will set up the meetings for the SLT and the PTA. She will need accurate information.

Announcement—Saturday Academy—something for everyone on a Saturday.

Saturday Academy 9-12, for the whole family.

Technology for students and parents, Dance and Music, for younger siblings

Dr. Scott the SLT Team that we had to register for the SLT Training???

Dr. Martin motioned to close the meeting, Ms. Shaniqua Small, seconded it. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted to Dr. Martin, by SLT member, Gina M. Scott for editing.


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